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Hairtalk.TV is an informational, interactive site filled with everything HAIR! Think of us as your best friend in the hair business….

Your host Jennifer Pompa will show you how to breathe new life into your hairstyle with:

How-To Videos We’re getting hands on and show you step by step how to achievie the perfect hairdo.

Hair Talk News Keep up with current hair do's and dont's. or keeps on top of the latest hair news

Talk Back Join our Hair talk community by following us on facebook, Twitter and Youtube. Talk to us! Let us know what your greatest hair needs and challenges are.

Celebrity Hair Styles & Trends

Hair Trends We’re discussing the season’s hottest hair trends. Whether it’s a new style or a new hair accessory, we’ll keep you updated!

Hair Cuts Let us help you find the haircut that right for you. We’ll show what celebrity styles are hot, and help you avoid disaster at the salon!

Hair Additions When you add hair pieces to your hair, the possibilities are endless! Let us show you the best hair additions to achieve the look you want.

Hair Secrets Those perfect red carpet hairstyles are almost never entirely real hair. We’re unlocking the secrets of celebrity hairstylists and telling you what they’re not!

Hair Tools The perfect hair do, starts with the perfect hair tool. The next generation of hairstyling starts with the next generation of hair tools. We’ll show you exactly which tool is required to achieve the perfect blowout, the perfect curl, or sleekest straight hair.

Hair Products We’ll share our favorite hair product finds, and review new products. Even with the perfect hair addition and the perfect hair tool, you’ll still need to the perfect hair product to complete your look.

With so much information and inspiration at your finger tips, we’re sure to become your personal hair counselor.

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